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CNA/HHA 01 - Job Description Acknowledgement

  • CHA/HHA Job Description


    A paraprofessional person who is specifically trained, competent and performs assigned functions of personal care to the patient in their residence under the direction, instruction and supervision of the registered nurse (RN).


    1. Must meet Medicare Conditions of Participation for Home Health Aide training program and competency.
    2. Must maintain current CPR per NEHHS policy.
    3. Have a sympathetic attitude toward the care of the sick and elderly.
    4. Ability to carry out directions, read and write.
    5. Maturity and ability to deal effectively with the demands of the job.
    6. Acceptance of philosophy and goals of NEHHS.
    7. Must have a form of transportation.



    1. Understands and adheres to established NEHHS policies and procedures.
    2. Performs personal care, bath and hands-on care as assigned.
    3. Plans and prepares nutritious meals. Markets when instructed to do so by the client/primary caregiver/nursing supervisor.
    4. Performs routine light housekeeping tasks as related to a safe and comfortable environment for the client, as instructed by the nursing supervisor.
    5. Performs household services essential to health care in the home as assigned.
    6. Ambulates and exercises the patient as assigned.
    7. Follows the care plan prepared by nursing supervisor.
    8. Performs simple procedures as an extension of the therapy or nursing services, e.g., range of motion (ROM) exercises as assigned.
    9. Assists with medications and treatments within in your scope of practice, with training from doctor or nursing supervisor.
    10. Reports changes in the client’s condition and needs to the RN.
    11. Attends patient care conferences as scheduled.
    12. Notifying NEHHS of absences due to illness, emergency leave, normal vacation periods, or special professional meetings, which will affect agreed service with the NEHHS or client.
    13. Understands and adheres to established NEHHS policies and procedures.

    Client Environment

    1. Maintains a safe environment for the client.
    2. Maintain an infection free environment, by following standard precautions and good hand hygiene.


    1. A completed visit note(s) no less often than weekly. Submit visit note with the correct client name, correct date of visit, correct time in and time out, and your signature on visit note. Time slip must be completed with correct date of visit, correct time in and out, correct client’s name, your signature, and must be signed by either client/primary caregiver/or designated person.


    1. Attends In-service and continuing education programs as scheduled and necessary.


    May provide home health services at either the client’s home, school setting, or both. Home health aide will travel to/from client’s home, school setting, or where home health services are provided.


    1. Supervised by: Director of Clinical Services/Nursing Supervisor/RNs/PTs/OTs/SLPs


    High Risk


    1. Ability to perform the following tasks if necessary:
      • Ability to participate in physical activity.
      • Ability to work for extended period of time while standing or sitting and being involved in physical activity
      • Heavy lifting (Must be able to lift 75 lbs, turn and transfer clients up to 150 lbs.)
      • Must be able to hear and speak in a manner understood.
      • Ability to do extensive bending, lifting and standing on a regular basis.