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RN 01 - Job Description Acknowledgement

  • RN Job Description

  • A Registered Nurse administers skilled nursing care to patients on an intermittent basis in their place of residence. This is performed in accordance with physician orders and plan of care under the direction and supervision of the Director of Clinical Services/Nursing Supervisor.


    1. Graduate of an approved school of professional nursing and currently licensed in the state(s) in which practicing.
    2. Two (2) years’ nursing experience, preferred.
    3. Must maintain current CPR per NEHHS policy.
    4. Ability to carry out directions, read and write.
    5. Acceptance of philosophy and goals of this Agency.
    6. Ability to exercise initiative and independent judgment.
    7. Must have a form of transportation.



    1. Understands and adheres to established Agency policies and procedures.
    2. Provides services in accordance with the plan of care.
    3. Makes the initial evaluation visit and regularly reevaluates the patient’s nursing needs.
    4. Initiates the plan of care and necessary revisions.
    5. Provides those services requiring substantial specialized nursing skills.
    6. Initiates appropriate preventive and rehabilitative nursing procedures.
    7. Prepares clinical and progress notes for each client visit, medical visit, report from primary caregiver, and summaries of care conferences on his/her patients in a timely manner.
    8. Coordinates services.
    9. Informs personnel of changes in the condition and needs of the client.
    10. Counsels the client and family/significant others in meeting nursing and related needs.
    11. Participates in and presents in-service programs.
    12. Understands and adheres to established NEHHS policies and procedures.
    13. Processes orders and notifies physician of patient needs and changes in condition.
    14. Provides updates and pertinent clinical information for certification/recertification orders.
    15. Determines the amount and type of nursing needed by each individual patient.
    16. Refers to Physical Therapist, Speech Language Pathologist, Occupational Therapist and Medical Social Worker those patients requiring their specialized skills.
    17. Supervises and teaches other nursing personnel.
    18. Conducts patient care conferences on patients assigned to his/her care.
    19. Participates in peer review and Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement as assigned.
    20. Gives total patient care as needed.
    21. Completes and submits OASIS assessments, reassessments, transfers, resumptions of care, discharges and significant change in condition in accordance with Agency defined time frames.
    22. Appropriately utilizes ICD-10 codes.

    Client Environment

    1. Maintains a safe environment for the client.
    2. Maintain an infection free environment, by following standard precautions and good hand hygiene.


    1. A completed nursing note(s), medication and treatment sheets, interim physician orders and 60-day summaries and other clinical records forms no less often than weekly. Submit nursing page one and page two note with the correct client name, correct date of visit, correct time in and time out, and your signature on nursing note. Time slip must be completed with correct date of visit, correct time in and out, correct client’s name, your signature, and must be signed by either client/primary caregiver/or designated person.


    1. Attends In-service and continuing education programs as scheduled and necessary.

    Working Environment

    May provide nursing services at either the client’s home, school setting, or both. Nurse will travel to/from client’s home, school setting, or where nursing services are provided.

    Job Relationships

    1. Supervised by: Director of Clinical Services/Nursing Supervisor
    2. Workers Supervised: Licensed Practical Nurse, Home Health Aide

    Risk Exposure

    High Risk

    Physical Requirements

    Ability to perform the following tasks if necessary:
    • Ability to participate in physical activity.
    • Ability to work for extended period of time while standing or sitting and being involved in physical activity
    • Heavy lifting (Must be able to lift 75 lbs, turn and transfer clients up to 150 lbs.)
    • Must be able to hear and speak in a manner understood.
    • Ability to do extensive bending, lifting and standing on a regular basis.

    FLSA Status